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I subleased a room in a student house for a few months earlier this year. I was the only one in the house during the summer due to me being the only one taking summer courses at the local university.

When I moved in, I was greeted by Miz in person (the daughter of the official landlord) and given a business card so that I could " call anytime if there was any problems". Everything was absolutely fine until after the first month when the landscape company that was hired to cut the grass (part of their advertised advantages for renting with them) stopped coming. I take pride in the cleanliness of anywhere I rent, especially the parts others can see. So after the lawn was beyond neglected and covered with weeds, I gave up hope that anyone was coming and tried to call/email Miz.

I received no response to either, so after a week I purchased a antique, manual mower (worked great btw) and began mowing the lawn for the rest of the summer (good exercise). Afterwards, I realized mail was not delivered to the house, and that I needed a mailbox key to access my mail. Again I called/ emailed Miz multiple times and got no response. I ended up having to call the girl whose room I was subletting to ask if she had a key.

She did not, but was able to somehow get Miz to answer the phone and have her say that because I was subletting, she would not allow me a key. A bit miffed here because I was never told this when moving in, and I needed my mail since I had a important school document arriving (did not get that until after my sublease was over and the full time tenant came back). I was also miffed that Miz had ignored all my messages a second time. These incidents alone are not what urged me to write this review (warning), when I moved out in the fall, when the other roommates were returning, I received a call from one roomate stating that a desk was missing (another guarantee for each room) and if I knew where it may be.

I had actually briefly been home when all the desks were delivered,but only to have a five min conversation with the woman delivering the furniture before I had to leave for work. Within those five minutes I told her that the extra desk (mine/girl moving in for the fall) could be put in either an empty room or downstairs as no one used the space, and that I did not need in my room, since I brought my own. This house was quite large I only used about 20% of it, never going downstairs or in any other bedrooms but my own, in which I bought all my own furniture (including a antique desk;I love antique auctions), therefore I told the roommate to look in the basement, since that is where most of the storage rooms were, and where I had told the delivery woman to put it, if it was not in a vacant room. The roommate was unable to find the desk so I told her to call Miz and get back to me.

What followed was the most insulting and outrageous behavior from a "professional" (I use those quotations very heavily here) I have ever experienced. The roommate called me and said Miz was under the impression we were trying to *** her into buying more furniture, so the old roommate asked if I could call her and give my account of the delivery and which person had delivered. I happily did so, I called three times (Miz never answered the phone) and left three friendly messages inviting her to call me, so I could help them sort this out. After another week and no response, I contacted the old roommate saying Miz had not contacted me and what was happening?

Apparently, the roommate's parents (who knew the situation) had also contacted Miz, and mentioned to her that the summer tenant (me) was more than willing to give the account of the delivery. My old roommate's parents were really quite nice, so the father called me to tell me the story, as he figured I was being served a great injustice behind my back. He told me over the phone and also sent me screen shots of texts she had sent him, about her accusing us of all being thieves trying to rip her off, and that the summer tenant was a " filthy, untrustworthy, disgusting slob, that ruined the house with garbage, disrespected the property and was illegally renting the house" since I was "apparently" not a student ( which I was and still am!!! The whole reason I was there was to take summer courses!!) And that I had obviously stolen the furniture, because that was the rotten type of person I was.

I was blown away by all this, since besides the move in date, Miz had never seen the house while I was there,so even if it were a disaster (which it certainly was not, I kept it very clean and homey) she would not have seen this, making her claim irrelevant. Additionally, I left the day the actual tenant arrived so she knew the house was just fine when I left, so she and her family also knew Miz was flat out lying, I had even gone above and beyond my cleaning expectations by doing the yard work. She then went on to text him that she refused to call me or respond to any of my messages about the issue, or any I had before then because "she does not entertain concerns from sub-letters". REEEEEEAAAAAALLLLYYY!!!!

So giving me your card in person and saying call anytime was suppose to give me the impression that I was expected to never contact you??? She ended the conversation with the father saying it was their problem and they had to pay for replacements and that we were all lucky they did not press charges! WOW! What I thought would be a quick conversation to explain who delivered the desks so they could call the person (who in our brief conversation mentioned she had worked for them for years) and locate the missing desk, turned into a complete slander of my name to other people (not even to my face) and wild accusations!

It was a 40 dollar desk from Ikea, I mean really, I never took a thing out of that place that was not mine, and even if I was this wicked witch Miz thought me to be, she was also quite nasty to the full tenant and her family, who were also completely innocent, for no reason! Over an Ikea desk!!!! The texts were long and very nasty, mostly about me, but also towards the other family. The fact that she never tried to contact me gives me the impression she did not really believe I had taken anything, she probably just thought it would be easier to blame me so she would not have to actually do her job as a landlord and help her tenants.

So over all, my time with Miz rentals was very unreliable, unhelpful, inattentive, and in the end downright vicious and vindictive.

Take my warning and rent elsewhere where good tenants are appreciated or at the very least get there calls returned, you deserve far better! I know that is a long rant, but this experience made me so angry!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mizrentals Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Miz.

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I wrote a previous review and felt so guilty about it for the past two years, but now I see that my bad experiences with them were repeated over and over again with all kinds of students.


Have to agree Miz Rentals flat out lies!



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You should take responsibility for hurting others, rather than blaming them. At least once!

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